The youths of today are the leaders of tomorrow. is a place where people can learn and grow professionally. is the only e-commerce company in Myanmar conducting E-Commerce Educational Initiatives by collaborating with universities to allow the students unleash their creativity and find inspiration in e-commerce industry. So far, we have organized Myanmar's first-ever "Shop Championship" program. We believe that age really does not matter when it comes to success. Therefore, our main aim is to empower youths to become successful leaders in the future. With Shop Championship program, we reward them for their skills and ability not only with prize money but also creating employment opportunities. was one of the main sponsor companies for U4U Friendship Camp organized by passionate and energetic youth collaborated with MYEO (Myanmar Youth Empowerment Opportunities and MYPD (Myanmar Youth for Peace Development) and YU ASEAN Society.
On 20th of July 2018, we have successfully concluded SCCS with students who are not afraid of being ambitious. Students from universities tried to solve the case studies based on Marketing, Operations, Onsite & IT and commercial team. Attempting to solve these case studies involves both analytical and creative skills of them. Our MDs teach the students how they can go about getting better at creativity and problem-solving skills in finale event. Not only monetary reward for winners but also, we invite all finalist teams to join our DFLP interview. Freedom to us means choice and is always glad to offer the marvellous choices for young people’s professional future.