N95 Mask In Myanmar For Protecting You From Coronavirus (Covid-19)

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N95 in Myanmar is a respirator mask used to block micro partials in the air during respiration. The mask is very effective for defending the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and can block 95% of particles as small as 0.3 micron. The N95 mask is not the substitute of ordinary surgical mask which cannot create the physical barrier and can not prevent from harmful germs, bacteria and viruses around you. The N95 is made in such a way that it totally packs the mouth and the nose form any entering any sought of contamination. N95 mask are scientifically proven for fluid resistance, air filtration effectiveness (especially air pollution and micro bacteria within the air), ignitable and biocompatibility. The N95 cannot be shared and can not be reused as it can create health hazards. Now you can protect yourself from Coronavirus in Myanmar from N95 mask. Now from Shop MM you can find very affordable N95 mask price in Myanmar with easy purchase process methods.

How To Choose Your Mask?

There are some steps from which you can choose your mask correctly.
1- Choose the correct type of N95 mask to filter out the particles in the air.
2- Choose from P and R series of N95 if you going to oily exposed area.
3- Choose the size that fits perfect on your face.
4- If you have respiratory and cardio issues and problem then have a consultation with the doctor.
5- Buy a certified N95 mask from Shop MM for better safety and protection against impurities.
6- Make a sufficient amount of stock you and your family health care.

How To Wear N95 Mask?

It is important to wear N95 mask properly for protecting yourself from harmful particles and diseases. Some important steps should be follow to wear N95 properly.
1- Get shave and shorter your facial hair whenever it is possible.
2- Get your hands cleaned when ever you are going to put on your mask.
3- Grap the cup and place on your face while covering the face and nose completely.
4- Pull the straps over the head for better grip.
5- squeeze the N95 mask from your nose bridge and also from the rest of the face to cover all unwanted spaces.
6- Check all the seals and other parts to avoid any leakage.

How To Remove Your N95 Mask?

There are certain rules to remember while removing the N95 mask.
1- Always remove your N95 mask by pulling the straps from the back of your head.
2- Always discard your mask in a safe procedural manner especially in medical safety methods.
3- As long as your mask remains clean, dry and fits tightly you can reuse it as well.

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