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Return Policy

The Seller is obligated to accept returns for the following reasons within 30 days of handing over the product to or one of our logistics providers. The Seller thereby remains the legal owner until the product has been delivered and fully accepted by the customer.

● Delivery failure (the product cannot be delivered to the customer for any reason)
● Product is faulty
● Product is not the one that was ordered
● Product was misrepresented on the website
● Customer’s convenience within return policy (Customer Return Policy)

Returned products will always go through a quality control at a warehouse before being returned to the Seller. The quality control done by will always be considered as the only valid control.

If or one of our logistics partners is responsible for damage to a product or packaging, Daraz will reimburse the Customer and become the legal owner of the product.

If the Customer is responsible for the damage, the product is sent back to the Customer and there is no reimbursement.

If the Seller or manufacturer is responsible for the default, the product is sent back to the Seller within 30 days of handing over the product to Daraz. In case of disagreement over the quality control, the Seller has to open a dispute within 3 days of receiving the product.