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Bosch is a German international engineering and technology company. Bosch Myanmar offers a wide range of tools and products. The most popular products are the power division tool from the Bosch group which has become a global leader for tools and accessories. These power division also have a cord and cordless tool so that you can use it anywhere you want with the ease of use also have measuring tools for your daily use. Bosch's aim is to make its products user-friendly with quality products, easy to use, also environmentally friendly. Bosch also working on software applications from which you can connect with tools and monitor their performance also control them via mobile. You can buy both products in Myanmar (Burma) through a Bosch official store online at

Bosch vacuum cleaners have both code and cordless vacuum for your daily use. Bosch products have big lithium-ion battery packs so that you can work continuously without putting it on the recharge. Easy and lightweight keeps your muscles free from stress.
Bosch power tools spear parts and accessories include all types of spear parts like angle grinder blades, drill machine parts and bits, carbon brushes, batteries and chargers and much more.
Busch power drill are powerful durable and can be used in all types of material. The drill comes in two sets: drill machine only and drills machine power kit with screwdrivers. You can also have two variations in battery pack 12V and 18V system to get the best performance and battery timing to work without battery drainage hazards.

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