So, Should We Get This Purple Samsung S9 Plus?

There are tons of Android phones currently on the market. Five years earlier, not everyone owns a smart-phone. But now we are living in the post-passcode world and our password for our phone becomes our face. While we are trying to catch up these exponential growth of technology, Samsung, one of the top 10 brands for five consecutive years thinks we need another Android phone. So, we have no choice but to determine how much they can make us feel impressed with their features.

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Shop Is Bringing Back Up To 70% Off Philips Week from Yesteryear Plus Free Delivery to Every Part of Myanmar Until 7th of March


You might have mumbled “this cheap shouldn’t look this good” about Phillips gadgets you bought from Philips Week in the last year. Don’t worry you can keep saying about that. Because different kinds of Philips’ electronic gadgets are now up to 70% discount at shop. You already know that we are always looking for the ways for your convenience and when we found out shop is giving away the discounts again for this year, we are super excited. As long as we remember, Philips has been with us for a long time. We have been using Philips’ products and they always held up to our standards. It is also popular wedding gift in Myanmar tradition because newlywed couple always receives at least one kind of Philips’s products and they have never had any complaints with it. Here is the kind of things you can get from shop with best prices.

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OMG, World’s Largest Food Company is having babies fair at shop!!!!


Since 2014, Nestle’ has been the largest food company in the world according to Forbes Magazine. And now, shop and Nestle’ are holding Baby Fair which which will be starting form 1st March to 15th March. We can say the word “Fair” is great for our well-being because they will always bring special discounts and freebies. So, Mr and Mrs Dad and Mom, let’s find out which kind of  splendid deal you can get for your tiny pumpkin.

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Mirandus aka Golden Ticket To Your Wonderlust

Mirandus has ventured into travel packages (Mirandus) with the intention to provide best prices to amazing destinations. There are some hard parts of travelling from packing to barely making it to car gate in time, the whole experience can be horrible. We rounded up a bunch of travel ideas so that you will not have a panic attack this summer season and beyond.

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Newsflash! Diapers Are Big Ol’ Sale at Right Now


It is our priority to make sure our babies’ bum stays clean and comfy. It is also important not to get diaper rush on them. According to study, new born babies need 10 diapers per day during the first month. Sometimes, we almost feel like we do nothing but changing diapers for a whole day. It is dirty business, but we have to endure it for the precious ones because the less babies use diaper the greater the chance of getting hydration or other medical issues.

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