Dress That Can Make You to Cut Jeans Out of Your Life for This Summer

Summer Dress

Weather is particularly hot right now. And, jeans are scary in summer. They will make you uncomfortable and look like a sweaty homeless person in this heat of summer. You should avoid it as much as you can since you can wear pretty dress that are equivalent to summer. Dresses are fun to wear and have the power to make a life in summer more bearable. We’ve got you covered with our latest selection of women’s dresses.

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5 Options for Mr. and Mrs. Bookworm

If you think www.shop.com.mm is only for fashionista and technophile, we are very sorry to say that you are wrong. We have books that are worth to read in the rainy days or books that are instagramable. “This book I have been reading is so good, I couldn’t even sleep” or “it starts slow, but the twist is worth my time.” Those two sentences are adopted by bookworms. And we are not afraid to say we have books that are deserved to be the reason of this sentences.

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Well, Well, Well. How should we recover our skin and hair from Post-Thingyan?

Thingyan festival has been as tiresome as it has been fun. It was the time to put all our rules on hold and go wild. The healthiest thing we have eaten during Thingyan might be Heineken Beer and grilled meat. (Yep, most of the things we eat have effects on the nourishment of our skin!) Temperature during Thingyan Festival was up to 39 ° C and it is needless to say that it was scarily dangerous for our skin. So, getting sunburn is seemingly inevitable after that. Of course, we could have prevented bad things happening in the first place by applying sunscreen. But, there are some people who forgot to maintain a good skincare regime.

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Awesome Products You Can Get on Sale Right Now

thingyan sale

You already know shop’s sales is very appealing. Right now, they have a huge, up to 90% off Thingyan Sale, that bring you deals as low as 750 ks. Nail Color, concealer, dresses, jeans and other discounted fashion products are already mentioned in the last blog. You can explore it via this link. Now, it is time for products that you probably don’t realize you need it until now.

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6 International Fashion Brands That Won’t Break the Bank For You During This “Thingyan Sale”


Did you know you don’t need Shwe Hmone Yati’s Bank balance to shine like a diamond in coming Thingyan Festival? While some people might suggest that Thingyan and fashion have nothing in common, those in the know are aware that we have to look fabulous in order to go ballistic in water fight. Looking stylish even though you are drenched in the water is an extraordinary skill. Because if you are not careful, you are going to be the end of everyone’s laugh. However, this cool look can be achieved in many creative ways.

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